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It wasn’t the first time Berns broke the law.

It certainly wouldn’t be the last.

Still reeling over the death of his daughter and deep in a messy divorce from his wife, journalist, radio talk show host and grieving father Rob Berns stumbles over the dead body of an elderly gentleman – his next door neighbor, Hans Feigenspan.

The police figure it’s a routine mugging but cigarette burns on the man’s body suggest otherwise. Digging deep and hard is all Berns knows to do, so when it turns up evidence that Feigenspan, a German immigrant, had some small part to play in Nazi Germany’s slaughter of millions of people, it’s all just part of the story.

What isn’t part of the story is that now someone wants him dead as well, even if that means they have to sabotage his brakes, push him off a cliff, burn him out of his apartment or set fire to him in a restaurant, all to make sure he never tells his tale.


The Classic Book


by Carl Semencic


From the author of The World of Fighting Dogs and Pit Bulls and Tenacious Guard Dogs comes this third and most impressive book to date, Gladiator Dogs. Bringing to life 13 breeds originally used as fighting dogs, Dr. Carl Semencic illustrates the history, characteristics and abilities of the world’s toughest canines, and shares hundreds of great color photographs of top dogs sent by owners around the globe. The author does not fight dogs and does not condone dogfighting, but he is fascinated with the qualities and instincts of these fearless gladiator breeds. Gladiator Dogs is a valuable book that represents years of experience and research on these remarkable historical dogs. In addition to the author’s favorite breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier, Dr. Semencic discusses other related breeds, such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier, covering the differences and similarities between these bully cousins. A respected rare-breed authority and an accomplished world traveler, Dr. Semencic shares his firsthand experience with these dogs from his trips to the Canary Islands, South Africa, Europe, and more. Gladiator Dogs profiles many breeds that the author has introduced, mentored and promoted, including the American Bulldog, Canary Dog, South African Boerboel and Korean Jindo.


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