The Twilight Zone: The Crossing

The Twilight Zone: The Crossing

As he tried to raise funds to build a children’s wing for the local hospital. Father Mark Cassidy is haunted by a ghost from his past: Kelly, a young woman who died in a car accident that was his fault. Why has she returned — and can Father Mark finally put his past to rest?

Digital Fabulists presents the complete TV teleplay from the 1980s revival of Rod Serling’s classic series The Twilight Zone.

Packed with special features:
– Complete and unabridged script, newly edited and formatted
– New introduction by the original authors
– Rare behind-the-scenes production photos
– Biographies of the authors
– Full-color cover created especially for this new edition

A must-have for all fans of The Twilight Zone, screenwriters and aspiring screenwriters who want to read a produced teleplay, and any readers who want to go behind the scenes … in The Twilight Zone!

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